A prominent businessman – London escorts


I met this stunning looking girl for about 18 months, and we got married not so very long ago. At the time, she was running a small store here in London, and I did not know that she had a past with London escorts. Many of the girls coming into her small second-hand clothes store were just as sexy as she was, and I know that my friends could not believe their eyes. Little did we know that many of the girls were former London escorts from https://londonxcity.com/escorts/. Some of them even still worked for a London escorts service.


My wife did not say anything, and I must admit that I did not suspect anything neither. She seemed to fit in with the stylish second clothes and friendly handbags, and I am smitten with her that I did not ask any question. When she told me on our wedding pleasant that she used to work with a team of London escorts, I almost died. I could not believe that I had married a former London escorts. It was a strange feeling, but it did explain many of the things that I had already found special about my wife. The sex with this girl was incredible, and the blowjobs were the best. So I did not care about her past.


Of course, I was a bit worried. As a rather prominent businessman, I was concerned about meeting somebody who used to know that my wife had worked for London escorts. We discussed the matter, but the wife did not seem to worry. Most of the dates that she had enjoyed at London escorts had been with foreign gentlemen, so the likelihood that we would run into somebody was very slim indeed. Still, I did feel a bit worried, but so far, everything has been okay.


I asked my wife is he would give up the shop and let go of her final London escorts connections. She said no, and I could understand that. She worked hard to build up the business, and on top of that, many others apart from London escorts used the company as well. All of that was okay, I suppose, but I have to say that I doubt that many of the sexy ladies in the shop are anything else, but London escorts.


Still, I have to say that I love married life, and all of my friends love my wife. She is indeed a great hostess and has many hidden depths. Some say that I married her because of her looks, but that is not true at all. I married the girl who loves Chinese brush painting and filling my stomach with good food. She loves all of the things that I do, and not only do I have the most stunning wife in London, but I also have the most beautiful home. It is hard to believe that this sexy lady loves embroidery, and every day when I wake up, I thank my lucky stars and creep down stairs to make her morning coffee.

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