A very sexy black woman – Deptford Escorts


My most romantic fantasy was to get it on with my girlfriend and a very sexy black woman, in a three-way orgy. I recently had reason to believe that my imagination was about to be fulfilled in a scenario tailor-made for the fulfillment of said fantasy. And it involved one of those lovely Deptford Escorts we keep hearing.

My girl and I had been at this club, where we met Nadia, who was one of these beautiful black Deptford Escorts – though we didn’t know she was a member of the Deptford Escorts profession at the time. And neither did we know that this star of the Deptford Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/deptford-escorts profession was not only a lesbian but also butch.

And when we got there, I headed straight for the shower, as I’d been out all day.

When I returned to the room, the females were intertwined. They were now both stark naked, with not a stitch of clothing left to see, and Nadia’s lips locked onto one of the nipples of Daph’s large breasts. Simultaneously, Nadia’s finger was also thrusting in and out of Daph’s dripping cunt while she rotated and thrust her hips up to meet Nadia’s every inward stroke.

This scene and the moans and groans from both were too intoxicating to resist. I found my lips locked onto the nipple of Daphne’s other breast. She was ecstatic as she exploded in a climax.

I then turned my attention to Nadia as I maneuvered my stiff rubber-clad cock closer to her steaming cunt. But then, this beautiful black star of the Deptford Escorts profession blocked her entrance with her hand.

I crushed it. This beautiful black star of the Deptford Escorts had refused to grant me entry.

As I moved to get up, she held my head in her hands and guided it toward her hot pussy. I could feel the heat of her desire as my head got closer to her well of passion. I was back in the game, and as happy as a guy about to eat sweet pussy.

As I brushed my tongue against her clit, she shivered. I kissed it. I caressed it. I licked it. I sucked it slightly, and then I beat again. I lapped-up all her juices from the surrounding regions, and then I returned to her clit to lick again.

I remember thinking that my most romantic fantasy had fulfilled – and it involved one of the most beautiful black Deptford Escorts in the profession. But then, that’s when I woke up – it seems I had been dreaming all along – my fantasy is still just that!

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