Am I eating too much?

Since I split up with my wife, I have noticed that I am putting on a lot of weight. It seems strange because I seem to be eating less. I have noticed that I am putting on weight around my stomach and I am getting boobs as well. The other day, I happen to mention it to my friend at West Kensington escorts, and she said that I am probably eating the wrong kind of foods. She suggested that I keep a food diary, and let her know what I eat. It made me laugh, but the food diary has actually helped a lot.

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What I did not realise was how many calories fast food meals contained. I am not very much of a cook. When I leave West Kensington escorts, I often stop by a place like McDonalds and pick up a take away. The last time I visited the local McDonalds, I had a some time to spare and I actually stayed in the restaurant to eat my meal. On the back of the little paper mat that they put on your tray, you could read about how many calories each meal had in it. It was actually rather frightening and I realised that I ate way too many calories when I visited McDonalds.

That was not the only problem. Often after I have enjoyed a visit by my friend from West Kensington escorts, I find that I am starving. As I never cook myself breakfast at all, I often end up having a bowl of muesli. Well, you would have thought that muesli would be the healthy choice. To my surprise, muesli is packed with sugar and other stuff that may not be that good for you. I worked out that every bowl of muesli that I ate, contained at least four teaspoons of sugar. That is a lot of sugar.

Lunch in my office, is often made up out of sandwiches and crisps. We have a really nice cafeteria, but most of the time I don’t make use of it. I think that I actually eat a lot of less calories by having a sandwich at my desk. Louisa from West Kensington escorts told me that it may not be the case at all. It could be better for me to enjoy a bowl of pasta and a fresh salad. Since I have been doing that, I have noticed that I don’t get any sugar cravings in the afternoon and I have more energy for the rest of the day.

Eating is complicated and I am sure that there are thousands of men out there who do not eat well. I love food so I know that I will continue to eat unhealthily at times. But, my food diary has taught me a lot. You may think that you are too old when you hit your 40’s to keep a food diary, but you are not. I learned a lot about my eating habits and I will be forever grateful to Louisa from West Kensington escorts. She taught me a lot about good eating habits and I have changed many of my eating habits. Have I lost weight? Yes, I have lost weight and gained a lot of energy. Just what I need when I visit Louisa.

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