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Some people say that being single is quite boring, and lonely. Some people engage themselves to a commitment yet not really happy tho. They go to a decision that can make their life more miserable. I believe that being committed to yourself is somehow okay, as long as you are happy. Happiness comes to those people who are happy within themselves; you have to look for reasons that can make your life change. Sometimes the best way yo have a happier life is creating a list of things you want to achieve.


I did not realize that I still have lots of things I missed in life. I focus myself on one person who keeps hurting me then. I believe that a relationship should break when it’s becoming unhealthy. No matter how much you think it hurts you, you have to let go the person. It is not just giving freedom of your partner, but it is also for yourself. You have to free yourself from pain, and negativity. True love means setting free; you have to be mature enough to walk away.


Kyla and I ended our seven years relationship. I am tired of following her and allowing her to rule my life. I felt like getting the choke in the relationship, to the point that I am not happy anymore. I lost my family and friends because of her. I traded everything just to be with her. I knew that it was a fool of me because that what love should be. But sometimes we are unfortunate enough to give it to the wrong people.


I’ve been in love and loyal to Kyla ever since I met her.¬† The first time I saw her I knew that¬† I already had feelings for her. She and I been good friends. I met her in our school, she is a transferee then, and no one would like to be friends with her. It was a bad day for her. Actually, everyone loves to bully her. I never cared for her at that time; she even cried on that day. The next day she received the same treatment, and I can’t stand watching her crying, so I defended her in public. Everyone was surprised by my behavior, and that’s the start of the connection we have.


Later on, when we are on the right age, we have a relationship, for seven years I allow her to decide for everything in my life. But then she made a mistake; she was impregnated by a boy in a pub. It was sad to know about it, but I let her go.


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