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I like to spoil myself sexually, and I have never been happy with just having one steady boyfriend. It all began long before I started to work for London escorts. During my life, I have enjoyed having both male and female lovers, and at this stage of my life, I am more into male lovers. When I have a night away from my London escorts duties, I enjoy dating two hot guys that I met at a sex party in London.

When you start looking around London, you will find that there are all sorts of sex parties going on in London. In recent years, the London sex party scene has become huge, and I started to go with a couple of the girls from the London escorts service I work for. We just wanted to check out what London sex parties were like, and if it was somewhere we could chill out after a hectic night at London escorts. It was at one of this sex parties, I met the two men in my life.

Frederic and Alexander are both two sophisticated slightly older guys who have never really been into dating London escorts. In fact, when we met, they had not met a girl from a London escorts service before, and were kind of curious about me and my London escorts lifestyle. I was more than happy to tell them, and I am glad to say that they have now changed their minds, and don’t think that London escorts are cheap tarts anymore.

Even though Frederic and Alexander are about 15 years older than me, they have the most amazing libidos. When we first met, I was watching them in the threesome party room at the sex party I went to with my fellow outcall London escorts. They were giving this girl a really good time, and I thought I could do with a bit of that. That evening, they did not fit me into their schedule, but we did manage to have a nice little chat. When I next had a night off from London escorts, we hooked up at the same party. Since then, we have been meeting both privately and at other sex parties.

It works for all three of us, and to be honest, being in an open relationship with Frederic and Alexander is the perfect option for me. First of all, I am ever so busy at London escorts, and number two, I get a chance to enjoy the variety of sex which I saw crave. They are both happy for me to hook up with other partners, and I don’t mind them hooking up with other girls. If you are a bit more sexual adventurous, I think that you can both enrich your life by going to sex parties and having open relationships. It certainly works for me, and I know many London escorts who think that it works for them as well.

Perhaps we will see more of these kinds of relationships in the future. Wouldn’t that be exciting….

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