Cooking for the Girls

I love cooking for my girlfriends at Bayswater escorts. A few of the girls think that I am really good and should try to get on one of those on TV. I am not sure that would work. What would I say when the presenter asked me what I did for a living. Mind you, maybe I should not worry about it, everything seems to go these days so why should I not do it. It would a special experience for my gents as well.

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The art of food is really important. Sometimes I think we have forgotten to sit down and enjoy our meals. Taking your time over a nice meal is something really special but we seldom have the time to do it. I have been to some of the best restaurants in London and I still think that I have been rushed. A meal should take at least a couple of hours. Here in London I think that you are in and out very quickly. That is certainly true when it comes to my business function dates here at Bayswater escorts.

When I was younger, I did not really attach a lot of meaning to food. It was not until I started to date a guy at Bayswater escorts who is a super chef. He owns a couple of good restaurants around London and has taught me so much about food. Before I met him, there were certain foods that I would not eat. Now I love the more sophisticated tastes and I really enjoy eating food which I have not tried before.

My superchef is a little bit kinky. He tells me to cook the best food and get it to taste great, you should try cooking in the nude. I told my boyfriend about it and he just laughed. Then again, he is sort of a fish and chips sort of guy. There are times when I wished that he had more exciting eat habits but I don’t think it is going to happen. My girls at Bayswater escorts know that I think that my boyfriend is Mr Dull at times.

The girls appreciate my food and I try to have them around as often as I can. Some of the girls at Bayswater escorts have even become inspired to cook their own meals since we met up. It makes me laugh, but a lot of girls are embarrassed to say that they like to cook these days. Cooking is very much something that women make a big deal out of. Could this be why so many men are the best chefs? There are seldom you see a lot of really good female chefs on TV. I think that it is a bit sexiest. It would be great to chance that, but I am not so sure what I would call my cooking show. One thing is for sure, I don’t think that I will ever make the perfect domestic goddess. That would simply not work.

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