dos and donts on how to attract woman with your looks – East london escort

There are many things to do to make a person fell in love with you. There are many reasons why a person is attracted by you some claim it’s because of your looks whole others because of the attitude. for me I am so happy to share my experiences with you all on how to attract woman like me with your looks. Being a London escort gives me a lot of ideas on how to attract woman. there’s a lot of men trying to get my attention but I do not know I am just that picky for my ideal type. I know I am not the only one of this kind of attitude. for me many woman are having a hard time being with their love at all. if you want to attract a woman you must learn some standards woman look for. being a East London escort from have face of lots of attractive men’s in my life and there is no one that passes my taste maybe what I will write below will help men’s get their ideal woman’s.


Dos and don’ts to do:


  1. Sweet- having good looks does not make woman fall in love when you are not doing anything about it. What mostly woman wants is to have a guy that is sweet to them always. Being clingy to your girl makes her giggle and feel loved. having a sweet person is the most amazing feeling in the world.
  2. Boastful- don’t flatter you too much, being humble still wins a girls heart. having someone that is not proud of what he got too much is enough. Many woman or a London escort just like feels like it’s a gay thing at all.
  3. Kind- Good looks and being kind just makes the person looks more attractive. it feels like to have such person makes the world turn around. it’s so good to have someone that is kind not just to you but to people around him. I am just happy to found someone that is kind enough because it means so much to me after all.
  4. Generous- a man that is generous just add up the looks of a man. you will know that it would be a good person you have in your life that continuously makes your life a better one.
  5. Sense of humour- a lot of woman loves to be with a guy that has sense of humour. I am so attractive to a man that has funny way of dealing everything of what is going on and turning it to happy thoughts. For me such man is so attractive in my ees at all rather than being serious and boring


These are some of the personalities a good looking guy can add up to his personality to attract a woman or London escorts. If you want to successfully get a London escort to be your girlfriend learn everything an ideal woman love in a man.

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