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There is not a lot of guys who can be mature about a break up even if they are already am adult. but sometimes a person just has to deal with a break up peacefully and gracefully. Letting go of everything that has happened is really hard. It makes it very difficult to be able to take to a woman about not seeing each other anymore or being told that it’s over. The important thing to do in a break up is to remember all of the things that she has given already and just be thankful with it. the problems with a lot of guys is that they become possessive with a lady, that’s why when she decides that it’s over it is hard to step on the pride that has been built up for a very long time. There is strength in just being happy and graceful of the days that was spent together and just gives each other love and goof wishes in the future. it can create a bond that wound never fade away. I did not really had the guts to give any respect to the ladies that broke up with me because deep down inside it was too much to take and it’s easier to be angry and blame them for everything that has happened. I did not realize that it was easier to be thankful and happy for all of the things that has happened rather than go in a rant all of the time. most of the time when things does not work out it a lady I just don’t know how to deal with it and just continue to blame her because taking responsibility and being mature seems to be the wrong things to do. but I was just a coward who did everything that was wrong when it comes to a lady. The last couple of years with a Soho escort from https://charlotteaction.org/soho-escorts was magical. Even though we thought that the relationship is never going to last we manage to put it all together and stay positive no matter what. I even thought that a Soho escort is going to turn out to be my wife a few years later. But it was a dream that would never become a reality. a Soho escort was not able to hang on when we did not see each other for six months because of the work that I had to do. I have a strong urge to not respect a Soho escort’s decision and still fight for our love. but I realise that deep inside it would be better for a Soho escort to be free so that’s what I had given her. giving her the freedom to be happy gives me much comfort ability and satisfaction in my life. I know that we both did well and did the best that we can do to make our relationship stronger and better. but the circumstances that we both had at the end was too much. But that does not mean that we can’t learn from it.

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