I don’t know why but there’s a lot of woman who are being snakes in terms of having a man.

I don’t feel like it’s a good for a co woman to do such things like wanting a man other woman want especially if they had a close relationship with each other. I always love and trust my best friend but it seems like she is not on the right track anymore. I am hurt how our relationship goes off because we’ve been best friend since childhood but it turns out that she is snaking me with the man I want. It’s hard for me to move on from that, it was my best friend and boyfriend who betrayed me. Both of them are close to my heart. I’ve been through a lot just to forget why my best friend did to me. I didn’t know that she likes my man for a long time and she just pretending to support us. it breaks my heart how can my best friend done such thing to me where she knows that I have huge love to my man. These kinds of woman maybe aren’t contented of what they had or insecure to other woman that is why they had to get whatever’s other had. I thanked God I became a white city escort because it made me realize not to trust too much to other woman. for me being a white city escort from https://charlotteaction.org/white-city-escorts makes me become a better version of myself. from now on I don’t have to be confident to other woman if my boyfriend. I have to protect our relationship because there’s always another woman who wants what you want in life.  maybe their life are sad, because it would be a challenge for them to ruin ones love life. Maybe they cannot find their own lover because they want a man of another woman. for me being a white city escort helps me to find my lover in life but this time I am keeping it private for now. What I went through before was hard for me to recover. like my best friend did everything to temp my boyfriend, she has to drunk my boyfriend and make out with her. They did that a couple of times without me knowing. we have to be very vigilant on who we trust. a lot of woman now a days are not good in handling themselves how to stay cool and stay loyal. Many want to have a complicated lifestyle. I know how it hurts to be fooled by a woman that is why I don’t want to happen it again. My advice is never be too comfortable for your man or your friend being so close maybe something fishy is going on there. I am so glad that with a white city escort my life becomes more perfect now. There is nothing that I have to worry at all. I am now confident now that I keep it private

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