My boyfriend suffered from the psychological effects of having a small penis – West Midland escorts

In the end, he managed to save up enough money to have penis enlargement. Several clinics around the country specialize in this procedure, and my boyfriend used one of the top ones. My boyfriend described the entire process as a relief and was delighted with his new manhood size. Everything was working okay, and there were no medical problems afterward. However, it seemed to have changed him. Instead of spending more time with me, he started to spend time with his friends, and online West Midland escorts from It was like I was a second thought, and he now felt part of the crowd. Perhaps I wasn’t the girlfriend he wanted after all. In the end, we split up. He seemed to be more in love with his new penis then he was with me.

The Psychological Effects of a Penis Enlargement

I think there should be some counseling surrounding certain enhancement surgeries treatments such as penis enlargements. I loved my boyfriend to bits despite his small penis, and it did not matter to me at all. I enjoyed our sex life and thought that we had a great time together. But things were different for him. He seemed obsessed by the size of his small manhood and wanted to have an enlargement I could understand his feelings, but I was very concerned about the effects on our relationship, sometimes things don’t work out.

My boyfriend arranged a consultation with a leading London clinic, and it turned out that he was suitable for the procedure. There was no consultation with me, it was merely a go-ahead, and let’s have it done. A couple of weeks later, I faced a boyfriend with a new larger penis. However, this was not the only thing that had changed about my boyfriend. His penis was more substantial, but so was his attitude. I found the entire situation challenging to cope with, and in a way, my boyfriend seemed out of control.

It was clear that his new penis was a significant game-changer. I was expecting to have my loving boyfriend back. I supported him during and after the procedure and even given him some money towards the operation. But no, my boyfriend was mesmerized by his knew manhood and also started to watch porn movies. It was something new to him, and I wasn’t prepared for this at all. He said that he wanted to explore things, but that was not how it felt to me. I thought that I wasn’t any better enough and that he was looking for a replacement.

A couple of weeks later, my worst fears were confirmed. I was out with the girls from West Midland escorts one night when I came across my boyfriend. He stood at the bar with a stunning blond. They were hugging and kissing, and it looked a bit like they were about to go back to her place. I confronted him there and then. It turned out that he had been meeting other women. He said that he wanted to experiment to see what other women thought about him now. I knew how I felt about him, and that was the end of our relationship.


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