Sex is fun for the over 40’s?

Is sex more fun when you are over 40? It sounds like it, and it might even be that sex is indeed more fun when you are over 40. Maria who works for London escorts, says that she has many girlfriends over the age of 40, and they are more sexually inventive. A lot of my girlfriends seem to be happy to explore sex, and pick up new ideas, and I think it is good. As a matter of fact, I think that my friends like to have more information about sex, and new sexy ideas. Some of my colleagues at London escorts are really surprised as they always presumed that sex stops being fun at 40.

So, are there any London escorts who are over 40? It turns out there are quite a few London escorts who are after 40, and really enjoying it. Many of the the girls who still work as escorts when they hit 40, are career escorts. They started off in the escorts service when they were young, and got stuck into the business. As a matter of fact, it would be fair to say that many of the girls who still work as escorts at 40, are really good at what they are doing.

Maria from London escorts says that a lot of the girls who do work as escorts at 40 have a wealth of experience, and are great to talk to. A lot of the ladies are independent London escorts, and they do really well. They have a lot of dates because gents appreciate their experience. I am so proud to say that some of these ladies are my friends, and that I can always rely on them for advice. They are great to chat to and I love being with them. To have a friend who is an experienced escorts is a real source of inspiration.

Many of the ladies who still work as London escorts at the age of 40, command really high hourly rates. The truth is, says Maria, that a lot of the ladies can earn more money working part time than I do. They deserve it as they are so good at their job. I have been on a couple of dinner dates with my experienced friends, and I have learned so much, says Sara. They are true pro’s and I cannot believe how seamless they are able to “work” a date. It makes you wonder if we should not all be spending more time with “senior” London escorts, laughs Sara.

It certainly sounds like many ladies really still enjoy their lives when they are over 40, and some ladies even stay active within the London escorts agency service. Sara from London escorts is right. All of the girls in London probably have a lot to learn when it comes to escorting, and the best way to do that, as we all know, is to learn from your peers. The peers on this occasion are the girls who are still proud to call themselves London escorts even though they have hit 40!

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