The controversies about pornography – Luton escorts

It comes to that point where the only thing they can do is masturbate to relieve themselves. It is not a nice thing to do because if it gets worse and your close friends discover it, then your respect and dignity goes down the drain. It is very hard to respect a man who masturbates, so you will end up without friends. With this regard I cannot advocate for porn on the TV as it cannot and will never add any value to the community.


For the longest time, there has controversies about pornography but surprisingly not even a single solution has been given on how to get rid of the pornography materials and sites. This has actually brought immorality to the society and especially to the young generation. In this regard, it is not advisable to have pornography brought on television because it does not add any value to the community but it only brings negative implications.


If porn could be introduced on TV, it could ruin so many relationships because one spouse may get addicted to it and may lose interest in the other party as they have elsewhere to look for satisfaction. Sometimes when it comes to sexual matters, it can get really nasty when one spouse is not getting any attention or satisfaction from the partner and can lead to separation or divorce. With a broken marriage, the children suffer, is it really worth it to have your children suffer just because of pornography and Luton escorts like? I don’t think so; we can have a better community by avoiding and preventing porn on the TVs.


When one watches or visits pornographic sites, it can cause addiction whereby there is nothing else one can do whenever they get a free minute. This addiction of porn and Luton escorts from is the prime cause of the immorality like rape. On so many occasions, we have heard of cases where by children or minors have been taken advantage of. This is brought about by watching too much porn and Luton escorts and they want to try it out but it can be hard to get a willing person so it becomes their only choice, rape the defenseless. Everyone wants a community filled with people who are morally upright. So it can never be of any value to have porn on the television.


TV’s in our homes should be used as educative tools for everyone but not a tool to mislead the community. With the points listed above, it is clear that pornography has so many negative effects to the community but they can be prevented if people stand in solidarity and come against porn and Luton escorts on TV. By doing so, we can be sure of a society that is morally upright. It is not worth losing the young generation to pornography. In regard to this, porn on TV will cause more harm than good to our community.

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