Do men make women out to be complicated?

Most of my boyfriends that I have had seem to have thought that women are far too complicated. I think that men make us out to be complicated, and during my entire life, I have not met one single woman who has been complicated. Sure, I know that we are more emotional than men are, but I don’t really think that emotions are that complicated. After all, we all have similar sort of emotions and emotional needs. But maybe, it is me. Having a boyfriend is hard when you work for a London escorts and I may have forgotten a lot of the stuff that went on in my relationships.I think that to a certain extent, men are frightened of beautiful women. They think that we are going to have an emotional outburst at any moment. Sometimes I even meet men at London escorts who say that they are weary about women’s feelings.

I guess that it is right. So far, I have never met a man in my life who can handle a woman crying very well. Okay, since I got involved with London escorts, I have met some gay men who seem to get the drift of women’s’ feelings. But in general, I would not say that I have met any men at London escorts who are in touch with their feminine side if you know what I mean. Do men need to be in touch with their feminine side to understand women? I am not sure that is necessary at all. In fact, I have noticed that the men I date at London escorts who appear to listen, are much better at understanding women’s feelings. Perhaps they are just putting up a front, but I don’t think so. I genuinely think that I have been fortunate enough to meet some men at London escorts who are keen to understand women.

I think that men often see women as more complicated as we are less blinkered if you know what I mean. We seem to be able to think about many problems during the day and solve them quickly. It is not always easy to do that at all. Men tend to be more what I call straight line thinkers. The other day I asked a new guy at London escorts why he had a particular fetish. You could clearly see that for the most of the date, he could not really think about much else. It was like this one thought was taking up all of his brain power. Women also have this ability to have a lot of things going on in their lives. They have to cope with a family, husband and looking after the house. That has made women into super stars when it comes to multi tasking. One guy I used to date at London escorts got married about six months.

I bumped into him the other day, and he said that his new wife had taken over his life and seemed to be doing everything for him. Maybe it is our own fault, we do seem to be complicated as we can take on so much and actually handle the situation better than men.

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