Looking for sexy 50 year olds

Okay, says Fifi from London escorts, I think that all of my 50 year old dates are a lot sexier than the younger ones. Also, I know that many London escorts feel exactly the same way. I have to smile when young guys are trying to come off as sexy as they are really not that sexy. Lots of senior guys are a lot sexier as they are so confident. It is funny how we change as we get older, but these days, it is not a tight six pack that rocks my boat, it is all about confidence and knowing what you are about.

I have actually been dating a lot of mature guys at London escorts for the last year, and I am so glad that I have them as regular dates. First of, they are very confident, and secondly, they are just so much fun to be with. They are sort of totally nuts some of them, but I think that they have just learned to let go. Take a look at George Clooney, he is 54 years old and women just scream when they see him. I know how they feel, and he really turns me and my colleagues at cheap London escorts on.

Another guy that we often talk about at cheap London escorts services is Andy Garcia. It is so hard to believe that he is 59 years old, he just looks so great. I just love the way he acts as well, and my friends and I at cheap London escorts love to watch his movies. He always plays a bit of a bad guy, and he is just so sexy. Also, I like his personal life story, how he escaped from Cuba and he seems to love his family as well. This is one hot guy that we would all love to date.

Another guy, who is really hot and gets all of the girls here at cheap London escorts going is Brad Pitt. He is 51 years old and I would just love to pick Maltesers out of his belly button. I know that he is married to the Queen of Hollywood, Angelina Jolie, but I still think that I would love to get my hands on him. Lots of the girls at the cheap London escorts that I work for feel the same way, but of course, we would have to get passed Angelina and her skinny ass first of all.

I really do think that men become more attractive as they get older. Most men over 50 are totally delicious and it is not only me saying so. All of the girls at cheap London escort probably prefer to date guys in their 50’s. It is not like they are knackered or anything like that, I just think they look great and are nice. They treat us nicely and that matters just as much as looks do. Mind you, I have to say that most of them are really good looking and can just have me swooning all over them in no time at all.

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